The Advantages of Y5Bus Platform

The First in Taiwan

Build a new model for free Wi-Fi on bus.

Entirely FREE

Simply download the Y5Bus APP and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on any bus belonging to the Y5Bus Alliance.

Y5Bus Alliance Covers Entire Taiwan

The bus operators we have cooperated with cover many lines in Taiwan.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

To improve passengers’ satisfaction for their trip, CRM let the passengers immediately reflect their problems to the bus operators.

Coming Soon
Personalized Information Recommendation

According to the user profile, we can provide users’ most interested contents related to them.

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Accumulate Mileage points

Once passengers log in with Y5Bus APP, they can accumulate mileage points to exchange free tickets.

Y5Bus Platform Partners

Y5Bus Alliance aims to provide passengers with convenience. Passengers can enjoy free Wi-Fi on the bus operators in the below.


How to Use the Y5Bus Free Wi-Fi?

When you take the bus with Y5Bus identification sticker, you can go to "Settings > Wi-Fi > Select 'Y5Bus_4G/ Y5Bus_LTE'" to download the Y5Bus APP. Choose an available method to login and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on bus.


Get Free Wi-fi

Download Now

Download Y5Bus APP now and you can enjoy free Wi-Fi on bus. You can directly visit the APP Store / Google play or scan the QR Code to download it.

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